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Give Your Child An Incredible Advantage!

Parents of Middle School and High School Students,

Would you like your child to become a Super Learner?

Teachers are trained to teach by students are rarely taught to learn.

Children struggle at school because a) they don’t know how to use their learning skills optimally, and b) they don’t have a consistent way of learning.

Any student who is trained to learn optimally will have a tremendous advantage in school and in life.

At TurboLearner, we create a personalized learning system for your child and coach him/her in its use. We transform struggling students into super learners.

Award Winning System

This breakthrough system is based on a Ph.D. thesis and a process that won international awards

One-on-one Service

Every student is given personal attention. One at a time.

Personalized Learning Process

Use customized learning techniques to learn faster and remember more

Mental Growth

Whole-brain approach to learning with advanced thinking models and brain development techniques

How to become a better learner

Students have a shot at getting into good colleges with a good chance of getting a scholarship when they show up with good grades.

Students are guaranteed admission into great colleges with almost 100% chance of a full ride when they get great grades.

That’s the big difference between good grades and great grades.

Question: How can a student get those great grades? Guaranteed?

Answer: With a personalized learning system. A system that uses their unique learning skills in a consistent, repeatable, systematic manner.

That’s the Turbo Learner Difference.

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ARE YOU READY TO turbo-charge your child's education?