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ADHD Is Not A Problem

I have a friend who was diagnosed with ADHD. He now holds a patent and is the CEO of a multi-million dollar financial services company.

I have helped many children with mild ADHD get better grades. ADHD is not a problem if you take steps to manage the learning process.

What does it take to manage the learning process in a child diagnosed with ADHD? You need a new way of learning.

Imagine that learning is like swimming. Most children swim within lanes. Children with ADHD switch lanes. As long as they can be kept to swim in the same direction, it really does not matter that the child switches lanes. Yes, it is inconvenient to the teacher and the other students. But, at home, there is no teacher, no other students. Only you and your child. Can you help your child stick to the swim lanes?

I have a modified version of the Turbo Learner program for children with mild to moderate ADHD. It is longer than the usual Turbo Learner program but it is designed with the child in mind.

For more information, or to sign up for the Tutor Booster program, please make an appointment using this calendar link