How to Get More Value From Tutoring Your Child

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Many parents think that their child needs a tutor to learn better but what the child really need is a new way of learning.

A tutor is only half the solution. The tutor can help the child understand what he/she missed at school. A tutor can help reinforce concepts and get better at skills.

The other half of the solution is within the child. A better way of learning complements what the tutor does with the child. 

The Tutor Booster is a short version of the full Turbo Learner program that focuses on learning skills that give quick results. More accurately, Tutor Booster helps with all kinds of supplemental education providers – tutors, learning centers, coaches and test prep centers. You see, these supplemental education providers don’t teach children to learn. They teach subjects and skills hoping that the children will “naturally” learn using rote, repetition and practice. With the Tutor Booster, children will be able to learn easily and get more value from the tutors, learning centers or other supplemental education providers.

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